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Dialogues(English version)

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    Centro de investigaciones de educación mundial de chino en la Editorial Comercial
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Dialogues adopts the form of interviews and dialogues. It tries to tell the stories in contemporary China through the interviews of ten people from different fields of life. The interviews focus on a wide range of themes and fresh new topics via special perspectives, and are thus close to young people, including the graffiti artists and fashion icons, folk artisans and underground musicians, common Tibetan people and government officials, well-known chefs and eminent monks, a boy without legs and entrepreneurs, environmentalists and foreigners good at Chinese. The life legends of these interviewees cover various fields and contain different feelings. The book seems to be telling the moving stories to inspire people. The enterprising spirit and the gentle quality of the people in the stories just reflect the real life and struggle of Chinese people and the common value of human beings. The book is divided into four parts: "Creation", "Communication", "Pursuing Dreams", and "Reflection", displaying the contemporary spirit of Chinese people from economic development, cultural communication, grassroots life, and life reflection, to provide readers with a golden opportunity to deeply understand the real and colorful life in contemporary China. Some parts of the book have already been published on The World of Chinese and are quite popular among readers.

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