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The PLA Army Aviation Corps(Series of Chinese Army)(Russian edition)

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    Zhang Dehe
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The authors are leading experts from the Institute of Army Aviation of General Staff Headquarters including Professor Zhang Dehe. They deal with this subject with great ease and dexterity. With vivid words and plenty of valuable pictures, this book introduces the historical development and present situation of the PLA Army Aviation Corps with profundity in everyday language. This makes the book highly authoritative and readable.About the Author The book is divided into two parts, respectively written by He Xingliang and Min Zhengyan. He, a famous ethnologists in China, has made profound research into the development and the formation of the Chinese nation. Min has been engaged in ethnic minority work for years. He has presided over the undertaking of some research projects with regard to ethnic groups. He is also one of the people who wrote the white paper.

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