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Health Preservation Massage for High Blood Pressure, High Blood Fatness and High Blood Sugar (In Chinese and Arabic Cogamparison)

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    The Editorial Board of Re-reading China Issues
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By using pictures as demonstrations,Health Preservation Massage for Blood Pressure, High Blood Fatness and High Blood Sugar guides you on how to prevent the ‘three high’ through massage manipulations. It also interprets the causes of the ‘three high’ from the founding theory of traditional Chinese medicine, gives recommendations for the daily lives and exercises of the ‘three high’ patients. As long as you keep doing massage every day, you can be healthy naturally. Human beings’ bodies have immense power, yet few know how to tap the potential of it. We hope the massage methods in the Health Preservation Massage for High Blood Pressure,High Blood Fatness and High Blood Sugar will be beneficial for your health. We believe happiness is in the your hand! With dissapearance of the ‘three high', you will feel refreshed and optimistic!

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