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Assorted Cold Dishes (In Chinese and Arabic Comparison)

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    The Editorial Board of Re-reading China Issues
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Cold dishes selected from the Assorted Cold Dishes encompasses multiple cooking techniques such as stir-frying, marinating, saucing, slow red cooking, crisping, smoking, jellifying, which tastes like sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, hot, salty, and fresh and so on. Characterized by unique soft, floury, hard, brittle, crispy and tenacious flavors, these dishes are suitable for family members of all ages in every season of the year. In order to enable our readers to cook cold dishes well in the minimum time, hundreds of selected dishes are home-cooking dishes with according materials, sauces and cooking methods attached. Moreover, steps for cooking are clear and reasonably detailed, with colorful pictures to improve your understanding. The book not only shares with you the secrets of making more tasteful cold dishes but provides rich cooking knowledge so that your cooking can be happier and more convenient.

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