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Sea Rhythm(English Chinese Edition)

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    Xiao Jidi
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Once at a meeting, I was surprised to see Mr. Xiao’s photographs about sea which at first made me a little confused but soon reminded me of the poetry “questioning the sky” by the famous Chinese poet Quyuan.Suddenly, I understood that the photographs delivered the meaning which is questioning the sea. Half a year later, Mr. Xiao asked me to write a preface for hisphotograph album to be published. I readily agreed with no doubt. Later, he gave me 70 photographs and said he wanted to publish a photo album with 62 photographs for his 62 years old. I thought it was a good idea for a man over 60, who was retired to publish such a photo album, which came from nature and gave back to it. So I discussed with the author to divide these photographs into four chapters called seacoast, questioning thesea, long dream in bridge, remote area. Being the introductionof the album, the first chapter, which is ethereal and concise, carries the meaning of cause and also the concept of sea and sky. At the same time, itimplies the philosophy ideal “non-action” of the photographer.

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