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Inexhaustible Views Of Tongli(English Chinese Edition)

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    Niu Yizhong
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Tongli, known as a town of cultural and historical significance, attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors around the world and moreover, is a magnet to photographers. However, it is no easy thing to capture Tongli’s essence and its historical cultural spirit. One cannot graspits true nature without being involved soul and mind into it. Mr. Niu Yizhong, author of the book, likes photography in his leisure time. He lives and works in Wujiang, a short distance from Tongli.Therefore, whenever possible, he would go and walk around in Tongli, observing carefully, meditating deeply. When in the mood, he would take some pictures. After many years of life and artistic practices and emotional experiences, Mr. Niu comes to understand better the spirit of Tongli. In another word, he has fallen in love with this water township. In fact, that is also the original drive that has sustained him to take pictures for years and publish this album.

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