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The Utmost In Heart(English Chinese Edition)

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  • Author:
    Wang Xinmei
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  • EBook Price: $ 27.12 USD

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Would you ask question like "does true feeling exist among animals instead of human" after reading the album while facing a world wars happen wherever human lives. The feelings among emperor penguins and polar bears in her lens proved even more precious in this world of desire. Well, these pictures are actually fairy tales. The days when the page of "The coldest Hudson Bay, The warmest polar bear" came to publish, I got many calls from readers giving high praise for it. Someone told me that he even admires the polar bear for their true love. And this is the exact enchantment. The middle-aged WangXinmei is not a professional photographer. She makes her achievements by her comprehension and persistent pursuit for photography. It's not such an easy thing to go The Antarctic four times and The Arctic six times with five years. Yet she made it with courage. She finally walks into her heart and makes it clear by picture. Seeing what she is now and how she does it, I'd like to dedicate her an old couplet “Where there's a will there's a way; where there's a heart there's a Where there's the repay."

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