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The Great Wall Still Stay(English Chinese Edition)

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    Song Haining
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The Great Wall was built in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring State Period, with history of over two thousand years. The Great Wall we talk about today often refers to the section built in the Ming Dynasty. At all times and in all over the world, people who have been to the Great Wall are shocked by its majesty, grand size, arduous engineering work and protection significance. It is an embedment of wisdom, will, perseverance and tolerance. Just as Zuo Heshui’s poem says:“There is a grey dragon lying in the North Kingdom, crossing thousands of miles on the Chinese land. It has prevented numerous Hu enemies because of its solidness built by ordinary people.” Therefore, the Great Wall is a rare treasure as well as a cultural relics. It represents the great will power that can’t be destroyed of the Chinese nation. It is a pride of both the Chinese nation and the whole world. From the Erlitou archeological discovery, we have known that the Chinese nation has treated dragon as its totem since more than 3,700 years ago. As the embodiment dragon, the Great Wall has, for over 2,000 years, wriggled across China, starting from the East China Sea and ending at the Gobi desert. It carries the profound history of our nation after going through interchanges and wars. No wonder the Great Wall ranks the first in the World Eight Miracles. The first time I came to the foot of the Great Wall dates back to 1969 when I joined the army. 45 years has passed, witnessing me growing from a youth to an old man. At that period, I have always climbed up the Great Wall to release me from the mortal world. While wandering in this walking history, I can’t help remembering a great poem: the Great Wall is here to stay while the First Emperor of Qin is gone”. Everything has a reason to stay and leave… I can’t remember since when I have cultivated a habit to bring a camera with me when I go to climb the Great Wall in order to memorize what I see. I have accumulated a large amount of films, which I often view. I am surprised by its grandness of over 8,000 km and over 200 passes and I also sigh how short and negligible life is! Exactly. No matter what you say, and no matter how you perceive, the Great Wall stays; however, hundreds of years later, it may only exists in a small quantity of scenic spots and textbooks, so people can only imagine how glorious it once was through memory and guess. I venture to present what I have seen on the Great Wall to all readers, which constitutes only a small part of it. What a pity! Let us explore the left.

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