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That's China Urban Walk 2014 Vol. 2

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    That's China
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Who are we? Justifiably ranking among China’s most time-honored English language magazine brands, that’s has enjoyed a hard-core following among China’s foreign residents since its genesis in the early 1990s. The various magazines that operate under the that’s banner have been serving China’s expat community, as well as its tourist population, a high quality product that is diverse and engaging for over two decades. Over the years that’s has witnessed great change in China, and it has had front-row seats to a fascinating period in the nation’s history. Over the space of a few short decades, China has transformed itself into a thriving ‘global village’. One member of the that’s family, the 11-year-old that’s China launched its new look in the final months of 2013, and is now ready to unleash its potential. That’s China aims to take brand beyond its established image with a brand-new design scheme, new section arrangements and a whole new vision. That’s China tells its readers stories about China; about its culture; about its past; about its future. We feature a wide range of diverse topics and subjects, ranging from hot social and political issues to every component of the country’s vibrant and fast-paced city life. We are cool, but unpretentious; we think deeply but are not immune to life’s funnier side. We are – like China itself – an experience not to be missed.

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