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Through the Looking-Glass(English edition)

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    Lewis Carroll
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Alice Through the Looking Glass: It’s about the story of a little girl named Alice who begins to ponder what the world is like on the other side of a mirror's reflection after finishing at chess. To her surprise, she is able to step through the mirror to an alternative world which is based on a giant chessboard. Most main characters in the story are represented by a chess piece or animals, with Alice herself being a pawn. Then she moved forward step by step from her position. The crossing of each brook usually signify a notable change in the scene and action of the story: Alice will fly without touching the ground to walk; The flowers and insects there have the power of human speech; White Queen transforms into a talking Sheep in a small shop with the knitting needle in her hands turning into a rowing oar, and so on. Most of the stories are based on the British traditional nursery rhymes, and the author expands them drawing on the imagination and described them in details, so characters in the story are presented vividly to readers: the rival brothers fighting for a trifle, Humpty Dumpty behaving arrogantly and the Lion and the Unicorn competing for the crown. It seems that only white knight, an inventor and scrap collectors can not be classified, but he happens to be the Incarnation of author. Alice steps across the last brook, and is automatically crowned a queen. Then the newly crowned Alice hosts a party for all of these people. In the party, roast legs of lamb can bow, and pudding will speak, so it quickly turns to a chaotic uproar. Feeling intolerable, Alice finally grabs the Red Queen who last turns into the black kitten and begins shaking her violently. Alice also awakes within thus "shaking" and begins to ponder is this in her dream or in red king’s dream?.

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