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Weibo of the City of Heroes—The Journal of Nanchang Release (Chinese Edition)

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    Compiled by Nanchang Internet Information Office
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.Introduction: On March 29, 2012, an intimate confession took place on the Internet: Here, we will provide timely and accurate governmental information and diversified practical information for everyone living and working in Nanchang; Your attention motivates us and your advice helps Nanchang to develop; the Weibo account “Nanchang Release” tries not to be a ‘zombie’ and provide you with useful information as early as possible. Please give your trust in our sincere attitude. Thus, Nanchang Release went online on four mainstream medias: Xinhua, Peoples Network, Sina and Tencent. In the past two years, Nanchang Release has drawn over 1.53 million fans and released over 58,000 pieces of information about livelihood projects, social concerns, transportation and convenient services with 2.08 million comments and repostings, and assisted in solving over 1,800 issues and complaints of Internet users. The Nanchang Release Weibo Platform has drawn over 7.05 million fans and posted over 520,000 pieces of information, and has become a new method for the party committee to serve people, a guide for citizens’ work and a green channel for network administration, spreading positive energy to citizens. The editors of Nanchang Release collected these information and wrote The Journal of Nanchang Release, recording every detail of Nanchang Release, the beautiful memory of the City of Heroes and also the feelings and gains both of yours and ours.

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