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Bonus from Reforms: Five Trends of Transformation and Reforms After the 18th CPC National Congress (Japanese Edition)

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    Chi Fulin
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This book, edited by Mr. Chi Fulin, director of China Institute for Reform and Development, is the 2013 annual report of this institute. It is pointed out in this book that, in the next five to ten years, China should release its developmental potential by taking advantage of its bonus from reforms and, more crucially, make substantial breakthroughs in five aspects of the transition and reform: consumption-led growth, population urbanisation, middle-income group with six hundred million people, market-oriented economy, and optimisation of the power structure in the government. In this process, governmental reform is the key to the top-level design, the road map and timetable for the reform should be worked out clearly, and breakthroughs should be made so soon as possible, in order to avoid risks in the reform and grasp strategical opportunities.

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