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Research on Socialism in Cuba (Spanish Edition)

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    Mao Xianglin
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This is an academic monograph that introduces the history, status quo, theory, and practice of Cuba’s socialism. It is mainly divided into three parts. First part is about the historical background, subjective and objective causes for Cuba to choose socialism, and the basic experience and development prospects of Cuba’s socialism construction. The second part is the fundamentals of Cuba’s socialism, including Cuba’s socialist party, socialist democratic political system, socialist economic construction, army and national defense strategy, etc., as well as the hands-on experience and theoretical innovations of Cuba in these aspects. The third part introduces the unique departments of their own characteristics in Cuba’s socialism construction, such as education department, hygiene department, religion department, and external relations department, comprising of their achievements, characteristics and experience in separate chapters. In addition, it introduces the reform and opening-up process of Cuba and the relations between Cuba and China.

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