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The Great Musician Who Couldn’t Play (Illustrated classic chinese tales fable stories)(Chinese-English Edition)

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    Song Huaizhi
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Book Overview:This story comes from Neichushuo Upper Scroll in the legal classic, Hanfeizi. Duke Xuan of Qi recruits an ensemble of 300 musicians all playing the instrument called yu. Mr. Nanguo is no musician, but he makes a decent living pretending to play. The story describes someone who doesn’t have real talent but tries to get by as an expert. It is also used when someone puts something of low quality among the good.The Frog in the Well, Waiting for the Next Rabbit and Master Dongguo have been household stories for generations in China. They have nurtured among Chinese children love of life, respect for nature, understanding of oneself and care for other people.There are 10 stories in the Chinese-English edition of Illustrated Classic Chinese Tales – Fable Stories: An Impatient Youth, A Man from Zheng Goes to Buy Some Shoes, The Frog in the Well, Fish in a Drying Rut, Master Dongguo, The Snipe and the Clam, Waiting for the Next Rabbit, Attack Your Shield with Your Spear, The Great Musician Who Couldn’t Play and Preferring the Case to the Pearl. The stories are great choices for parents to enjoy with their children, and will help young readers learn about the world and how the Chinese understand and solve common problems.The books feature original colour illustrations, and the English translations have been proofread by a native English speaker. The Chinese text at the end of the book also has pinyin for those who are learning the language. These books can help Chinese and foreign children to learn both English and Chinese, while gaining a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.
About the book cover:Chinese Publisher: China Intercontinental Press. Chinese-English version of the Chinese classic story Pictures & fable articles: Maiduhaizhu story from Han Fei said upper left outside the reserve. . Chu Zheng went to sell the pearl. the pearl mounted casket. the casket decorated very gorgeous. Zheng who bought the box. yet returned to Pearl Chu. Analogy lack of knowledge. inappropriate choice.

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