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The Road to Future Art—Zhou Changxin's Heavy-Color Oil Painting (English Edition)

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    Lu Guoying
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17.Author: Zhou Changxin. The founder of China’s Zhong Cai oil painting, a landmark figure who has combined Chinese and Western art. Honorary Chairman of the Beijing Cultural Development Foundation & the Zhou Changxin Art Fund, Chief Editor of Zhong Cai Oil Painting, and President of China’s International Research Institute of Zhong Cai Oil Painting. Introduction: A brand-new genre that brings together the richest and most sumptuous colors of traditional Chinese styles and Western oil painting. Combining the merits of Chinese and Western arts, a new genre is created, making its impact on the progress of human civilization and lifting our culture to new heights. Zhong Cai oil painting is exactly the key to the future, whose puzzle took the author over twenty years to solve. Through this book, Zhou Changxin gladly share with all the people in the world the joy he has experienced in its creation.

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