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China’s Development Path: Miracle and the Secret

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    Li Hongjie
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China’s Development Path: Miracle and the Secret Brief introduction: China’s Development Path: Miracle and the Secret focuses on the introduction of New China’s development history and achievements, particularly the successful experience of reform and opening-up, to Arabian readers. It serves to help readers home and abroad learn about Chinese people’s way of thinking as well as their values and how they made correct choices for their development. Instead of taking spoon-feeding way as the mode, the book is a collection of interviews which is quite customized. Arabian scholars are first invited to propose topics on various fields including politics, economy, society, culture and Sino-Arabian relationship. Relative Chinese experts including Zhang Weiwei, Pan Wei, Han Yuhai and Jin Yuanpu then are invited to answer their questions one by one. Its Arabic version is jointly issued by China Intercontinental Press and Egypt Publication and Distribution Press.

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