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Cyberworld – China Embraces the Internet(Chinese edition)

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    Li Jun
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The Internet has created countless legends in both China and the rest of the world. It has revolutionized our way of living and thinking. Cyberworld - China Embraces the Internet truly represents the magnificent development history of Chinese Internet industry since 1995 and vividly records lots of celebrities who have been devoting themselves into pioneering Chinese Internet industry over the past twenty years and have become men of the time at present. Though many of these influential men such as Ma Yun (Jack Ma), Ma Huateng (Pony Ma), Ding Lei (William Ding), Zhang Chaoyang (Charles Zhang), Zhou Hongyi and Liu Qiangdong (Richard Liu) have long been known to the public, the author tries to reinterpret them from a fresh perspective with the latest material and more attention on their stories in starting business and unfold the ups and downs of these folk heroes and their relationships in the Internet age through introducing a series of figures with entrepreneurship.

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