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Why China Opposes Japanese Politician's Visit to Yasukuni Shrine Series - What was the Role of the Yasukuni Shrine in the War of Japan’s Invasion against China (Japanese Edition)

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    Bu Ping
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This series of five brochures includes How was the Yasukuni Shrine Established, What is the Relationship between the Yasukuni Shrine and Japan’s Culture and Religion, What was the Role of the Yasukuni Shrine in the War of Japan’s Invasion against China, What was the Difference between the pre-war Yasukuni Shrine and the post-war Yasukuni Shrine, and Why did Worshipping the Yasukuni Shrine Become a Sensitive Topic. They introduce the history of the Yasukuni Shrine and its influence on the Japanese society, expose the real side of the Yasukuni Shrine, and thus explain to the world why China opposes important Japanese political figures’ worshipping of the Yasukuni Shrine. Author:Bu Ping is a research fellow at the Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, mainly studying the history of China-Japan relations, the history of Northeast Asia’s international relations, the history of Japan’s invasion of China and the history of the Anti-Japanese War. His work include Haunted Sacrificial Site – The Yasukuni Shrine and Japanese Militarism, Japan’s Use of Chemical Weapon during World War II and The History of the Northeast in the Past Century, etc. Editor Recommendation: In recent years, Japanese politician’s frequent visits to Yasukuni Shrine greatly harm the feelings of citizens in China and other Asian countries that Japan invaded, and thus intensify the relationship between Japan and these countries. Furthermore, Yasukuni Shrine has become a central issue that involves citizens in Asian countries. With regard to the uniqueness of Yasukuni Shrine in Japan, foreigners do not really understand its nature and often make conjectures based on their inadequate knowledge. Japanese right-wing groups and conservative forces often retort like this: Each country mourn for their heroes in shrines, Americans in Arlington National Cemetery, Russians igniting the torch in Red Square, and Chinese presenting wreath in Monument to the People’s Heroes. Why cannot Japanese visit their heroes in Yasukuni Shrine? In fact, the nature of Yasukuni Shrine cannot be reduced its literal meaning, i,e, “a sacred place to guard the country.” This series of five brochures tell its history and influence in Japan, and help you to know the real side of the Yasukuni Shrine.

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