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Rabbit and Tortoise Have a Race (Illustrated classic chinese tales fable stories)(Chinese-English Edition)

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    Yang Yingying
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Book Overview:Rabbit laughs at Tortoise because he crawls very slowly. Tortoise says he would win a race between them. So they start a race. Tortoise keeps on crawling while Rabbit, who is a long way ahead halfway through the race, stops for a rest and falls asleep. When Rabbit wakes up, Tortoise has reached the finish. The story shows that modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind. Only by persisting with your cause and not giving up midway can you succeedEditor’s Notes:Little Tadpoles Search for Their Mother, The Three Bunnies and the Big Bad Wolf and Little Foal Crosses the River have been household stories for generations in China. They have nurtured among Chinese children love of life, respect for nature, understanding of oneself and care for other people.There are 10 stories in the Chinese-English edition of Illustrated Classic Chinese Tales – Fairy Tales: Little Kitten Goes Fishing, Mr. Mouse Looks for a Son-in-Law, The Three Bunnies and the Big Bad Wolf, Fox and Tiger, Little Carp Jumps Over the Dragon Gate, Rabbit and Tortoise Have a Race, Little Tadpoles Search for Their Mother, Monkeys Save the Moon, Little Foal Crosses the River and Cat Teaches Tiger a Lesson. The stories are great choices for parents to enjoy with their children, and will help young readers learn about the world and how the Chinese understand and solve common problems.The books feature original colour illustrations, and the English translations have been proofread by a native English speaker. The Chinese text at the end of the book also has pinyin for those who are learning the language. These books can help Chinese and foreign children to learn both English and Chinese, while gaining a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.About the book cover:China Intercontinental Press Little Tadpole Looking for Mom. Little Rabbit obediently. Xiaomaguohe and other fairy tales accompanied generation generation of Chinese people's childhood. affecting children cognition about love life. reverence for nature. self-understanding. caring for others. and so imperceptibly. Chinese and English version of the classic tale picture books: fairy tale articles include: cat fishing. mice married woman. bunny girl. the legendary. carp leaping. Tortoise and the Hare Little Tadpole Looking for Mom. monkey fishing moon. Xiaomaguohe. Tiger Arts. 10 volumes. especially for parent-child reading. allowing children to faster. clearer understanding of the world. Small rabbit. long ears and more. jump jump ah ah run fast. Little Turtle. carrying case. climbed and climbed an...

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