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The Last Emperor and His Five Wives(English edition)

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    Wang Qingxiang
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The book Five Wives of the Last Emperor is a condensed historical biography about Puyi (the last Emperor of China) and his five wives, in which the author gave vivid and detailed accounts of the affection life between Puyi and his successive wives – Empress Wanrong, Imperial Consort Wenxiu, “Noble Concubine Xiang” Tan Yuling, “Noble Concubine Fu” Li Yuqin, and Li Shuxian. In the book, there were not only fascinating love stories of tenderness and sweetness which would make one’s mind rise and fall but also miserable human tragedies showing the husband and the wife who were regardless of the emotional attachment among family members and fell out and became enemies. With full, accurate and rich historical data, together with the novel and distinctive content, the book carries the character with various and breath-taking plots, lively and interesting language, popular and smooth style. Through the vivid descriptions for the mixed emotions of joy, anger, grief and happiness of Puyi and his wives in different historical periods and under extremely complicated circumstances of different societies, the book reveals the universal merit and demerit of human nature, and provides readers with profound enlightenment and endless reveries as well. It is, therefore, believed to be a rare and unique choice reading in the humanity history field.

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