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In China, We Trust(Tracing China Series)(English edition)

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    Iman Stratenus
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This story relates how the Chinese division of a multinational transportation company turned from a fear-based to a trust-based organization, by focusing on creating an exciting, values-driven company culture and delivering fantastic customer experience. Along the way, you will become acquainted with some really inspiring Chinese people - true representatives of and contributors to China's current renaissance - who together embarked on a journey to create a place to work unimaginable beforehand. B describing the characteristics and behaviors of these special individuals and the unconventional approach their compan' took to create a great business, this book will unveil a new dimension of China's story - innovation and creativity in human relationships. It will challenge an,/one's fear of China's resurgence as well as the myth that thinese workers are merely programmed, like machines, to deliver output. For four years, the author of this book was a leader of the company's division in China. The colleagues he gained during that time continue to inspire him. He remains convinced that his main role in the transformation was merely to provide the members of his China team the freedom to create things their way. He also firmly believes that the world needs to hear moce positive stories about Chinese people, about their fears and dreams, about their amazing journeys through life.

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