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(Contemporary China)(English Edition)

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    Wu Li;Rong Wenli
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Contemporary China’s Economy:Wu Li, deputy director, research fellow and doctorial tutor of the Institute of Contemporary China Studies, CASS, is mainly engaged in researching China’s contemporary economic history. He chaired and attended many state-level research projects and international cooperation projects. His main works include The Economic History of the PRC (chief editor), Researches on CPC and Contemporary Chinese Economic Development (author), and Research Reports on China’s Ten Five-year Plans (co-author). Rong Wenli, a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of CASS, focuses on contemporary Chinese economic history with many paper publications. Since 1978, Chinese economy has maintained a 30-year-plus continuous and rapid growth, and played an increasingly important role in global economy. Now Chinese economy has accessed the transformation period and been confronting major opportunities and challenges. With China’s 60-year-plus development history as the entry point, the book elaborates Chinese economy’s development and changes since the beginning of the new century, exhibits China’s economic achievements and discusses Chinese economic development path. China’s economic success and experience are also important part of the humankind’s civilization development.

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