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Lies and Truth on Xinjiang: Exposing the US-Led Infowar Against China (English Edition)

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    Global Times
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"The Han Dynasty (206 BC–AD 220) brought the Western Regions into its territory in 60 BC, and the stories from the Tianshan Mountains have become part of Chinese national history ever since. Today, there are some who have never been to Xinjiang and yet try to force their fictional version of the Xinjiang story to the world. Since 2018, Western media outlets have become interested in reporting on Xinjiang affairs. What a coincidence this is as it comes at a time when US strategic containment of China is on the rise! When blood and sweat are shed in vain, and defamation and libel run wild, Lies and Truth on Xinjiang: Exposing the US-Led Infowar Against China has arrived to set things straight on all Xinjiang-related topics. Xinjiang is like a mirror that reflects the true colors of Western media’s so-called objectivity and fairness. The book is a compilation of interviews, investigative reports, and thoughts from Global Times reporters and commentators from their numerous Xinjiang visits and was designed to help make the mirror brighter.

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