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China and Global Governance Series: China and International Anti-terrorism

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    Li Wei; Fan Juanrong; Yang Xi
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Terrorism has plagued modern society with countless issues. Ranging from politics to religion, terrorist organizations have used numerous means to manipulate humanity to the point of death and destruction. In 2017 alone, the world saw more than 20,000 incidences of terrorist attacks. With these atrocities fueling widespread fear amongst civilians and weighing heavier on world leaders, international organizations like the United Nations have been urgently developing counter-terrorism measures. In China and International Anti-terrorism, the authors trace the roots and evolution of different types of terrorism, discuss the achievements and challenges in today’s international anti-terrorism cooperation, and present how China has contributed to the fight against terrorism in terms of national and regional security, economic policies, and multilateral cooperation. This book also shares China’s years of experience in preventing terror attacks by carrying out top-level reforms and launching an “All-out People’s War” against terrorism.

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