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China and Global Governance Series: China and Foreign Aid

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    Wang Luo
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In China and Foreign Aid, the authors expound on the critical role that Chinese foreign aid plays in the global governance system. While unprecedented humanitarian crises undermine global peace and development, major aid donors from the West have scaled back on aid funding and left behind a lacuna. As such, countries have turned to China, the world’s greatest emerging power, for assistance and guidance. Since its establishment in the 1950s, Chinese foreign aid has evolved with the times, departing from Eurocentric models and developing its own vision and philosophy. The book traces the historical development of Chinese foreign aid in areas such as infrastructure, governance support, trade, agriculture, healthcare, environmental conservation, humanitarian work, education, and culture. Through the South-South Cooperation Framework and the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese foreign aid pursues common development and shared interests. Banding together the developing countries, China aspires to contribute her solutions for foreign aid to build a community with shared future for mankind.

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