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The Summer Palace of Mine

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    Wu Yang
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I am a lovely mouse.My ancestors lived in this 290-hectare imperial garden,and I know every brick and tile and every tree and bush here.This imperial garden built in the Qing Dynas-ty (1616-1911) is called Yiheyuan,also known by the West as the Summer Palace.Formerly called the Garden of Clear Ripples (Qingyiyuan),after its reconstruction,this was an act of filial duty by Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty to his mother.There are numerous pavilions,plat-forms and towers in the garden,and my favorite is the Long Corridor.The clear Kunming Lake resembles a mirror fallen from the sky; when boating on the lake it feels as if one is entering a wonderland.There are several beautiful bridges on the lake,including the Seventeen-Arch Bridge and the Jade Belt Bridge,etc.Yes,there is also a grand theater for watching operas,a bronze pavilion,and a large boat made of stone.The Summer Palace has endured extensive hardship,both natural and manmade,and several reconstructions following destruction.Now let me take you to find out.

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