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China and Global Peace

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    Zhao Kejin
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Peace is the eternal dream of humanity regardless of racial and religious di erences. In today’s world rife with con icts of all kinds, the question of how to achieve world peace has become more urgent than ever before. In China and Global Peace, Zhao Kejin traces the root of the peace de cit to the Eurocentric mindsets underpinning the dominant forces of globalization, and presents Chinese thought as an alternative solution for global peace based on an analysis of traditional Chinese philosophies on peace and harmony. e book outlines China’s e orts to pave a new path toward global peace by o ering a slew of new concepts and initiatives aimed to promote open, inclusive, balanced, and equal development across the world, such as building a human community with a shared future, the Belt and Road Initiative, a holistic concept of security, and a new approach to global governance.

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