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Why Has China Achieved Success By Taking The Socialist Road (Spanish Version)

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    Dai Mucai
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This book reviewed the Chinese nation’s five-millennia civilisation, the Chinese people’s one hundred and seven decades of struggle against foreign invasion and bullying, the CPC’s nine-decade devotion to the liberation of the Chinese people, the six-decade development of the People’s Republic of China and the nation’s three-decade exploration for reform and opening-up to give a historical and in-depth answer to the question why the socialist road with Chinese characteristics turned out to be a success. It will fully demonstrate the historical continuity and organic integrity of the Chinese road in the three stages of socialist revolution, construction and reform. It expounds on the necessity of taking the socialist road by proving that the road was a historically inevitaable option adopted by the Chinese nation in the modern times, that the decision was an outcome of following the trend of world development with due attention given to China’s national conditions, that the socialist road is a thoroughfare that leads to the success of China’s revolution, construction and reform, and that the sprouting, taking-shape and developing of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics are consistant in terms of social nature.

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