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You and Us: Stories of China and Egypt (Arabic Version)

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    Wu Sike
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China and Egypt are both ancient civilizations. The Great Wall and the Pyramids have jointly witnessed the miracle of human civilization. The ancient Silk Road has become an important link connecting China and Egypt, and has written a chapter of economic, trade and cultural exchanges that will go down in history. In 1956, Egypt became the first Arab and African country to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. This book incorporates the fruitful achievements of experts and scholars in the two countries and various fields who have a deep understanding of China and Egypt on the construction of China-Egypt relations. With detailed and vivid cases and the personal experiences of experts and scholars, it explains why China-Egypt relations are stable With rapid development, how will China-Egypt relations take a higher level in the future? There is no doubt that these are reader concerns. Through the personal experiences and records of the builders of China-Egypt relations, this book not only encourages China-Egypt friendly cooperation from different levels and angles, but also provides valuable experience for further deepening China-Egypt relations.

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