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Singing My China Stories to the World (English Edition)

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    Mark Levine
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This book tells about China through its American author’s 15-year-long experience of teaching, traveling, participating in cultural activities and telling his China stories in song, writing and speaking. Mark Levine came to China in his late 50’s and that is where this book begins. An active participant in cultural exchange on a personal as well as a group level, Mark has shown his love of life, embraced the new and the old and demonstrated a never-ending passion to both learn and teach. Through his stories, both prose and lyric, we can see China through his open mind, keen insight and constant yearning to learn about and join in China’s bright future. He and his friend, Fu Han, have built a Chinese-Western musical duo called “In Side Out” and set up a firm to contribute to cultural exchange and cooperation between China and the world.

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