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For the Balance of Right and Power (Chinese Version)

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    Luo Haocai
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The author of this book, Mr. Luo Haocai, is a famous jurist, one of the founders of the new China administrative law, the proponent of the balance theory of administrative law, and the advocate of the theory of soft law in China. This collection includes Luo Haocai's thoughts and words about the construction of the rule of law in China over the years, including speeches at conferences, keynote speeches at academic conferences, impromptu speeches during research and investigation, and arrangements at work conferences , There is also contemplative meditation after work. The book is divided into five parts: administrative rule of law construction, basic theory of public law, soft law governance, face-to-face, and the rhythm of the book. Inadequate, it highlights the achievements of China's rule of law progress and political civilization construction.

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