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You and Us: Stories of China and Pakistan

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    Lu Shulin
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For the Chinese people, Pakistan evokes a most cordial response as an “old friend” or “cast-iron ally.” This friendship has won universal praise and enjoys popular public support on both sides. The two countries have developed all-weather friendship and all-dimensional cooperation. They are good friends, neighbors, partners and brothers. The friendship between China and Pakistan has been rooted in the hearts of the two peoples and flows in their veins, becoming a precious spiritual treasure of most people. This book contains stories written by veteran diplomats and celebrities who have long been engaged in friendship and exchanges between China and Pakistan. They tell their own stories from different angles to discuss their sincere friendship with people from all walks of life and narrate the close relationship between the two countries and their peoples. These stories are told in a straightforward or commonplace way, passionately or solemnly. In them, true feelings are disclosed, of both simplicity and profundity embedded in ordinary life. They sing loudly a song of friendship between China and Pakistan that has won widespread support through the generations. These stories will illuminate the future of friendship life like bright lights and converge into the river of friendship like running brooks.

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