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Putting People First and Global Rights Governance (English Edition)

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    China Society for Human Rights Studies
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Putting People First and Global Human Rights Governance is a collection of papers from the 2021 South-South Human Rights Forum, compiled by the China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS). Under the theme of “People First and Global Human Rights Governance”, the book focuses on four sub-topics, namely, “Building a Global Community of Health for All and Protecting Human Rights”, “Anti-poverty and Realization of the Right to Development”, “Multilateralism and Global Human Rights Governance”, and “The Role of Developing Countries in Global Human Rights Governance”. In-depth discussions have been held, and a broad consensus has been achieved. The book fully reflects the mainstream voices and academic achievements of the Forum, accurately conveys the human rights views and practices of China and other developing countries in respecting and protecting human rights, and plays a positive role in promoting global human rights governance.

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