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Panorama of Reform and Opening-up in China[1989](Trend of China's Economy Series)(Chinese Edition)

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    Chi Fulin
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Reform and opening-up is the keyword of China’s modern development.China has been carrying out reform and opening-up for over 30 years. This period saw world-shaking changes in China, and also the full integration of China with the rest of the world.China’s cause of reform and opening-up is not only a splendid epic of constantly striving to become stronger and going forward tenaciously and bravely written by the Chinese nation, but also one of the greatest social courses in human history. In the past more than three decades, the spirit of reform and opening-up, innovation and development was implemented in every field and every undertaking in China. This book now tries to present to you the vivid record of reform and opening-up in China in this period of more than 30 years. This book in the form of annals with colored graphics, with the magnificent and arduous course of reform and opening-up in China as the main line, to truly record the major events in the Chinese society during the reform and opening-up, and visually show the great changes in Chinese society in each year and every field. Achievements have been recorded in the annals of history, and new goals are still in front. Reform is China’s biggest bonus. Reform will go on, and opening-up will not stop.

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