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Health-care Qigong: the Eight Section Brocade Exercises (In Chines and Arabic Comparison)

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    The Editorial Board of Re-reading China Issues
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Health-care Qigong: the Eight Section Brocade Exercises is one of the new set of movements in health preservation Qigong. Compiled and created by the Health Preservation Qigong Management Center at the Central Administration of Sports of China. The project is carried out by the Beijing Sport University. This book introduces the trends, characteristics and major training methods of the eight section brocade exercises, with step-by-step interpretations for every single movement, and with action essentials, easily mistaken movements, corrections, and movements functions attached, so as to give references to readers during exercising and enable them to improve health and preserve longevity through constant improvements in techniques. This book is suitable for teachers in health preservation Qigong and amateurs.

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