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Cultural Symbols of China: Spring Festival, Sweet Time for Family Reunion

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    Su Jin
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Although times change, the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year is always the most important festival mirroring the deepest feeling and simplest wish- es of all Chinese. Family reunion is the eternal theme of the Spring Festival. No matter where you are, all have to go back home to reunite with their parents and kith and kin. The unique concept of family and kinship of the Chinese, which has passed down from generation to generation, has become a cultural gene flowing in the blood of Chinese people for numerous centuries. On Lunar New Year's Eve, most people choose to sit glued to their mobile phones, sending blessings to relatives and friends, distributing or snapping up “Hongbao” (gift money) through WeChat as a modern form of greeting, and at the same time, they may also wacth the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala is being broadcast live. The subsequent seven-day holiday will be full of various feasts or dinner parties. Of course, some people may make good use of the time to travel with their families within the country or abroad.

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