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Insight Into a New World:Hsue-shen Tsien and the Gateway to Intellect (Chinese Edition)

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    The Hsue-shen Tsien Think Tank
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As we all know, Hsue-shen Tsien isn't only a worldrenowned scientist, but a contributor to the founding of China's aerospace industry. He was an essential catalyst to lead the research and development of China's rockets, missiles, and spacecraft. However, many are unaware that Hsue-shen Tsien is an ideologist and the founder of the Chinese School of Systems Engineering. Hsue-shen Tsien laid the foundation with 20 years of American academics, nearly 28 years of practical experience in Chinese aerospace, and approximately 30 years of academic research in his later years. He realized great achievements in philosophy, science, technology, and engineering. Hsue-shen Tsien’s life can be vividly explained with his own quote, “Dare to say what others have not said, walk the road that others have not traveled, and do things that others have not done.” Insight Into a New World: Hsue-shen Tsien and the Gateway to Intellect starts with the evolution of reductionism and holism paradigms. At the same time, it expounds on Hsue-shen Tsien's systems theory, particularly the origin, development, maturity, and innovation of the open complex giant system theory. The book attempts to clear the fog of this era and provide a new theoretical tool for humanity to understand and transform the objective world.

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