Hot list of original Chinese books in 2015

( China Daily )Updated: 2016-01-23 08:06:32

At this time of year, various Chinese media organizations publish lists of their picks of the best books from the past 12 months. These often include translated titles, but in a refreshing move online giant Tencent has joined hands with China Publishing &Media Journal to release a list focusing solely on original Chinese works.

1.High on the Top


By Chi Zijian, People's Literature Publishing House
The seventh novel from the author of The Right Bank of ErgunaRiver, again set amid the black mountains and snow of a small village in North China. It tells about "crime and punishment" and the fate of people like XinQiza, a butcher.
2.The Long-Necked Woman
By Jiang Shumei, Sichuan Literature & Art Publishing House
This is a collection of weird folk stories that grandmothers always preferred to tell. It is written by a 79-year-old woman who became literate only in her 60s and made her debut as a writer in 2013.
3.The Verse of Us: An Anthology of Poetry by Workers of Our Time
Writers Publishing House
This work includes poems by some 50 worker poets born between 1940 and 1990. A coal miner says he's been under great pressure working deep under the surface every day, and verses are his only outlet.


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