Liu Zhenyun receives Egypt's highest culture award

( chinadaily.com.cn ) Updated: 2016-02-01 14:28:06

Liu Zhenyun (left) receives the highest

culture award in Egypt on Friday. [Photo/Tianjin Daily]

Chinese writer Liu Zhenyun received the highest culture award from Egypt's Ministry of Culture at the 47th Cairo International Book Fair on Friday.

The jury said the award honors his literary impact on Egypt and the Arabic world. Liu's works, including Ta Pu, Cellphone and A Word is Worth a Thousand Words were well received among ordinary readers and intellectuals alike.

"Liu Zhenyun has presented us universal human compassion, leading us to converse with our neglected souls with his deep thoughts and sense of humor," the book fair's jury said.

Liu thanked the translators of his books and those who bestowed the award, saying it brought him to the Arabic world and enabled him to see different lifestyles. "The more places you go, the more you know how much you don't know. Writing is a way to learn about the world you don't know," Liu said.

Liu is also the first Chinese writer to have his works published at the same time in several Arabian countries, including Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria and Iraq. It is reported that publication of his famous book, I'm Not Panjinlian, is underway in several more Arabic countries.



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