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Mount Putuo(English Chinese Edition)

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    Miao Xiaoxian
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Mount Putuo, a small island in the blue sea, boasts as one of China's four famous Buddhist mountains based on Kwan-yin Bodhisattva's Buddhist rite. How can ÂBuddhist Kingdom on the SeaÊ become so famous over the world and remain crowded with pilgrims after undergoing historical shifts? Is it attributable to the Buddha-selected mountain that has turned into the holy mountain with sea of wisdom? Is it attributable to the beautiful mountain and sea that present the creation of nature? Or is it attributable to the pure land and Buddhist temples that can sweep away anxieties and purify minds? Yes, those might be all correct, but not exactly so. Mount Putuo, with its Âcharm based on uniquenessÊ, is attractive not only because of Kwan-yin BodhisattvaÊs compassion to secure whoever in need, the scenery of the beautiful mountain of holiness and sea of wisdom and the unique people, but also because of the cultural context of this island that is consistently flourishing, which is second to none in the world. Surviving several times of rise and fall in history, the evergreen Mount Putuo has formed a distinctive culture of Kwan-yin andis renowned as Âan unsurpassable endowed land in five Dynasties and the first prominent mountain for pilgrims over the worldÊ through accumulation, derivation, absorption and evolution of culture during the alternation between great kalpa of Buddhist kingdom and the revival of the wholemountain. In Kwan-yin belief and its derivative Kwan-yin culture, the positive effects such as loving, kindness, salvation and pursuing truth are esteemed and worshipped by human beings. With a doctrine of Âgreat mercy to strangers and great compassion for allÊ, making herself ubiquitous and responsive as a living Buddha. The religious culture of Kwan-yin has changed the utilization layout of religious resources by adopting theidea of Âresuming secular lifeÊ. The thirty-three forms of Avalokiteshvara who save people in adversity, turn crisis for the better, assist the weak and the poor, uphold justice and promote virtue by intuitively personified secular images are a combination of ÂholinessÊ and ÂsecularizationÊ as well as an integration of ÂcompassionÊ and ÂwisdomÊ. In this way, Kwan-yin religious culture has become living Buddhism. It is peopleÊs emotional worship and mental reliance on Kwan-yin bodhisattvaÊs infinite love that makes Kwan-yin Culture an irreplaceable role against other cultures in respects such as the coordination of social relations, the advocacy of social civilization, the reduction of the internal conflicts, the stabilization of social order and the building up of social harmony. It has taken the author several years to take the photos for this exquisitely-made album of Mount Putuo. The author's unique perspectives, cultural creativity and artistic skills can be seen from each frame of photos. Particularly, refreshing innovations are used for taking the photo of ÂBuddhist Kingdom on the SeaÊ, such as expressively catching the scene of monks in ordinary life and pilgrimsÊ worshipping Kwan-yin. Evensome picturesque photos of sea and mountain are like entering tranquility or meditation. The publication of this album to the world is really a great merit, which is indeed gratifying.

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