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Melody From Heart(English Chinese Edition)

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    Ding Fuqiu
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  • EBook Price: $ 27.12 USD

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Photography is very interesting indeed. A picture is worth thousands of words in this era of pictures. Photography has enough space with a wide range. The level of art and the depth of the level are unrestricted. Photography has a lot of fun, and you can learn a lot, as long as you are far away from fame, benefit and master and just as a happy amateur photographer. In the past, I prefer landscape photography, and in recent years I have gradually shifted to the documentary and animal photography. Sometimes I took one photo, which is ideal for me, so I would be excited for a few days, even a long time. The majority photos of this collection are recent shoot digital works and old photos by the film shooting. Although the level is different, but I took them from my heart and every photo has a story, which not only focuses on the image moment, but also has a state of mind with melody. Besides picture images, the harvests that can not be seen are my awe of nature, life cherishing, sentiment enhancing of standard of life; there is my life scenery behind the picture. This is my third photography collection, which composes of the scenery, customs and animals. The publication of pictures has arrived strong support and help from friends, so I express my sincere thanks.

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