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Meditations(English edition)

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    Marcus Aurelius
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Meditations: Meditations is a series of personal writings by Marcus Aurelius, recording his private notes to himself and ideas on Stoic philosophy by getting rid of passion and desire. He describes the relationship between the soul and death and advocates finding one's place in the universe and analyzes personal virtue, personal liberation and personal responsibility to society, and also requires introspectiveness in order to achieve inner peace. It is necessary to abandon all useless and trivial to think honestly. Moreover, not only thinking about the good, honorable thing but also putting into action is necessary. Marcus Aurelius thinks pain and anxiety is the opinion just from the heart, and can be eliminated from the soul. His has a profound philosophical reflection on life, and learn the best qualities with enthusiasm from other people who is courageous, humble, merciful ...... he wants people to love work, to understand the essence of life and the art of life, to respect the public interest and make the efforts for it. Meditations are some of the text flowing from the depth of the soul, simple but straight people. David Copperfield: when it refers to the English literature, you can not fail to mention Dickens and his work David Copperfield. Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once put this book and the Bible side by side, and appreciated them together as "the best one of all British fictions". Indeed it should be regarded as a rare classic in the history of literary.

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