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The Fall of the House of Uhser(English edition)

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    Edgar Allan Poe
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The fall of the House of Usher: The fall of the House of Usher is considered one of Poe's most famous horror novels. Roderick and his young wife Madeline lives in ancient Usher building of the family, and a doctor often come here to visit sick Madeline. Like all men of Usher family, Roderick passionately portraits his wife. In this process, Madeline's health is deteriorating, as if her soul is gradually transferred to the portrait. With the completion of portrait, Madeleine stopped breathing. Deeply in love with the wife, Roderick believes that his wife just falls asleep, and he refuses to bury her, but waits for her return in solitude. In a night of thunder and lightning, he finally sees his wife alive and back to his side. Then together they fly into the sky and saw the ancient house of Usher burned to ashes in the fire caused by lightning.

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