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Bonus from Reforms:Five Trends of Transformation and Reforms After the 18th CPC National Congress (English Edition)

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    Chi Fulin
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This book is the 2013 CIRD (China Institute for Reform and Development) report on Chinese reform, with its principal Chi Fulin as the chief editor. It points out five essential aspects in Chinese reform in the next five to ten years, so that the benefit of reform can be fully achieved. They are: shift to a consumption motivated economy, transformation of the approach to urbanization, formation of a large middle class of 600 million people, establishment of a more market oriented society, and a reform of government centered around optimizing the power structure, which is the key to the top-level design. Besides, this book also emphasizes that a clear road map and timetable is indispensable for overcoming the crisis and seizing the great opportunities of the new era.

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