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Across the Depopulated Zone in North Tibet-A Documentary of Changes in Chang Tang (Chinese Edition)

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    Tang Zhao Ming
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In a documentary style, Across the Depopulated Zone in North Tibet truthfully reproduces the progress of the depopulated zone in North Tibet in the past 36 years, from uninhabited to inhabited, from wild and barren to prosperous pasture, covering rich content and wide-ranging subjects. The author entered the zone six times and recorded its unknown past as well as the difficulties in developing. For several times, the author risked his life to go into the Chang Tang Grassland with an average elevation of over 5,000 meters for interviews and recording. He overcame unimaginable difficulties including coldness, lack of oxygen unique to plateaus, language barriers and poor transportation. Readers can get a first-hand overview of the natural scenes, local customs, development of the depopulated zone in North Tibet, and its deep secrets.

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