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Selected Poems and Paintings of the Tang Dynasty(Chinese-Spanish Edition)

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    Chang Shiru
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The Tang Dynasty (618–907) was the golden age of poetry in China with the emergence of great poets such as Li Bai and Du Fu and a large number of masterpieces that have been passed down for thousands of years. The Tang poems fully embody the artistic features in syllable harmony and pithy wordings of ancient poetry. Great achievements were made in paintings in the Tang Dynasty as well. “Painting in poetry” and “poetry in painting” were the common pursuit of poets and painters in the Tang Dynasty, reflecting the unique aesthetic ideals and cultural spirit of the Chinese nation. This book contains 80 selected poems and translations of Mr. Xu Yuanchong in the bilingual pattern, as well as paintings of the same dynasty that echo the artistic concept of these poems. The book aims to help readers to know and enjoy the beauty of Chinese culture with a combination of select artistic works.

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