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Selected Songs and Paintings of the Yuan Dynasty(Chinese-Spanish Edition)

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    Pilar González España
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Song (song refers to a type of verse with tonal patterns modelled on tunes drawn from folk music) was a form of poetry in the Yuan Dynasty (1206–1368). It reflected reality and features unique charm with plain and vivid language, lively and changing forms. Song enjoys equal popularity with the poetry of the Tang Dynasty, Lyrics of the Song Dynasty and novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which are all gemstones in the literary treasury of Chinese culture. Great achievements were also made in painting in the Yuan Dynasty. This book selects more than 80 songs and corresponding translations of Ms. Gong Bilan and Ms Wang Qiaochu, together with paintings of the same dynasty that echo the artistic concept of the song. The book aims to help readers to know and enjoy the beauty of Chinese culture with a combination of artistic masterpieces.

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