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Blue and White Porcelain, A Masterpiece in the History of Chinese Porcelain (English Edition)

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Blue and white porcelain is widely used and treasured in the life of many people around the world. People who have never been to China must have seen and even have used Chinese porcelain. However, in the minds of many people, the former word should only refer to the special blue and white porcelain. This is one of the most dazzling creations of Chinese porcelain art. The history of blue and white porcelain is closely tied to changes in Chinese history and the continuous cultural development of the Chinese people. No matter how it changed, it remained inseparable from the daily life of both emperors and the common people. Blue and white porcelain tea pots and cups, bowls and tableware for daily life, inkstones on the desk for the production of beautiful calligraphy, and the most treasured possession of collectors all formed part of this particular genre of ceramic art. In addition, Chinese folk porcelain masters have also created many exquisite blue, white, black and colored porcelain works, all exercising their own fascination and commanding high prices when they come up for auction around the world.

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