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You and Us: Stories of China and Kazakhstan (Russian Version)

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    Zhou Xiaopei
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A highlight of this collection is that more than 20 authors from China and Kazakhstan have worked together to complement and inspire each other, and more comprehensively and truly restore the great changes that have taken place between the two countries over the past 21 years and the steady development of bilateral relations. The traditional friendship between the people of the two countries is close to each other and is like siblings, which transmits positive energy to the China-Kazakhstan comprehensive strategic partnership under the new situation. Many of these stories are condensed by the author's long-term efforts, full of true feelings, quite readable, and will undoubtedly serve as a reference for the younger generations of our two countries. A red thread running through the book is to carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road and inherit the friendship between the two peoples. Today, under the background that China and Kazakhstan are stepping up the connection between the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "Bright Road" strategic plan, the story of friendship between China and Kazakhstan and the people (Chinese and Russian versions) is compiled and published. have special practical significance.

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