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Missionary in Confucian Garb(Roads to the World Series)(English Chinese edition)

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    Zhu Jing
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This book is about the Italian Jesuit, Matteo Ricci, who had traveled to China in the 16th century as a missionary, and lived in the country for 28 years until his death. It is a story of his efforts and achievements in facilitating the cultural exchange between the East and West. Matteo Ricci was committed and diligent in learning Chinese culture, and he assimilated himself successfully into China’s society. In the process, he introduced Western scientific knowledge to the Chinese people, and also introduced Chinese culture to the Westerners. The Journals of Matteo Ricci in China is known to be a fundamental literary work that introduced China to the Westerners. Matteo Ricci was reputed as “the Father of China’s Catholicism”, and the pioneer of Western’s Chinese Studies. He is hailed as the role model in the history cultural exchange between the East and West.

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